For over 70 years, Allpax has been a preferred manufacturer of gasket cutters. Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc. carries a variety of Allpax cutters for different applications. We carry products that are able to cut accurate flange and ring gaskets, and many of our Allpax products are built to handle both metallic and non-metallic materials. 

When you need fast, quality work, Allpax is the clear choice. With our range of Allpax gasket cutters you can cut quickly and accurately. 

With a variety of products, you can cut any type of gasket material imaginable. Cut metallic gasket materials such as soft steel, copper, zinc, and brass; cut non-metallic materials such as cork, fiber, and rubber. 

Allpax is a brand that has been trusted for generations. As the world’s largest global manufacturer of gasket cutters, you can be confident that Allpax will help you get the job done— every time.