When you need a manual cutter that can help you cut gaskets with speed and precision, Allpax is the best choice. 

Our rotary gasket cutters come in a heavy duty cast iron frame, and are equipped with heat-treated tool steel and cutting disks. Rotary cutters need to be mounted, and are ideally used in a fixed location, such as a shop. 

The Allpax AX7001 is a manual rotary cutter that primarily designed for metallic materials such as soft steel, copper, zinc, and brass. 

The Allpax AX7000 is a manual rotary cutter that’s designed for non-metallic materials such as cork, fiber, and rubber. 

Our extension-style gasket cutters feature a cutter block with an adjustable cutting blade and modular extension bars. These extension kits are great because they’re portable, offer accurate cutting, and can be used just as easily as rotary gasket cutters. If portability is key, extension-style cutters should be your first option.