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Garlock Gasket Dealer in San Diego

San Diego’s industrial landscape is vast and varied. Amidst this backdrop, the need for reliable sealing solutions is paramount.  Allied Packing and Rubber, a distinguished dealer of Garlock gaskets, emerges as the beacon of quality and trust in this domain. Why Allied Packing and Rubber is the Preferred Choice Seasoned Expertise Our journey in the… Read More

Rubber Sheeting Supplier in Houston, TX

In the world of industrial applications, rubber sheeting stands out as a versatile and essential material. Whether it’s for sealing, protecting, or insulating, the demand for high-quality rubber sheeting is ever-present.  For businesses in Houston, TX, finding a reliable supplier can be a challenge. Enter Allied Packing and Rubber, a name synonymous with quality and… Read More

The Versatility of Polyethylene Sheeting

At Allied Packing and Rubber, we understand the importance of quality and versatility in the products we offer. One such product that stands out in its multifunctional capabilities is polyethylene sheeting.  Let’s delve into the world of this remarkable material and discover its myriad uses. What is Polyethylene Sheeting? Polyethylene sheeting is a clear, durable… Read More

Allied Packing & Rubber: Expansion Joints

In the realm of industrial construction and maintenance, expansion joints play a pivotal role. These components are designed to manage the physical changes that materials undergo due to varying conditions. They are the unsung heroes of the industrial world, quietly doing their job to ensure the smooth operation of machinery and infrastructure.  In this blog,… Read More