Tighter braids, such as lattice or interlock, don’t let as much fluid through the braids, so they can produce a better seal in newer equipment that shows less wearing on the shaft and stuffing box and has a tighter tolerance. Valve packing often has braided fibers reinforced with wire over an extruded or more tightly braided core. Agitator packing, on the other hand, often has braids over a rubber core that bounces back from compression, thereby extending the life of the seal in high run outs in the shaft.

There are many different names used for compression packing. We often hear terms such as gland packing, rudder packing, shaft packing, valve packing, valve stem packing, stern packing, pump packing, braided packing, and rope packing. The variety of names it has is almost matched by the variety of materials of which it is made. PTFE, graphite, aramid fibers, fiberglass, flax, ramie, jute, acrylic yarns, carbon fibers, and blends such as a PTFE/graphite blend are common packing materials.

Our skilled sales team can help you select the best materials, lubrication, and braid types for your sealing needs. We are proud to offer two of the leading brands in packing, Garlock and American Braiding. Both manufacturers have decades and decades of experience in producing the highest quality compression packing on the market.

We also carry the most common tools associated with packing replacement, installation, and removal. We offer packing hooks and pry bars for easier removal, and guillotine style cutters that make cutting the packing rings much easier. Contact our skilled packing technicians at Allied Packing and Rubber. They will help you select the packing product that will best solve your fluid sealing needs. Our phone number is 562-435-2411, or you can email us at sales@alliedpackingandrubber.com. We are always happy to help.