Cork Buna-N performs well in applications that are subject to extreme tests of resistance, heat and pressure. Cork is a naturally sustainable material that is also resilient to environmental temperature changes. Allied Packing and Rubber, Inc. in Long Beach, California, is proud to carry the Amorim quality line of cork composites. Amorim is one of the largest producers of cork products in the world and is known for its high quality cork sheeting. Cork plays a big role in the electricity industry as well. Cork composites, such as Amorim’s premium HC80 cork/nitrile blend, increase the life of power plants and distribution networks. For example, they are used in seals and gaskets for electrical equipment and noise vibration control in transformers and reactors. Cork / Buna N gaskets offer durable solutions that deliver peak performance. We have provided this cork sheeting to the local L.A. utility companies for many years and they are well-satisfied with its effectiveness for use in their transformers.

Give us a call at Allied Packing and Rubber at 562-435-2411. We serve the greater Los Angeles area, including Long Beach and San Pedro, as well as the entire State of California. We offer many different sealing solutions for your gasketing needs, including those made of our high-quality Amorim cork composite blends.