Most of our customers know us as the “gasket cutters”, but they may not know that we also carry gasket cutters. These complete gasket-cutting kits make gasket-cutting on the spot quick and easy. Allied Packing and Rubber is a proud distributor of the Guardair / Allpax / Allen gasket-cutting tool line. The Allpax Company has a long, respected history in the manufacturing of quality gasket-making products. Here is a little more information on them:

Certificate of Appreciation from Admiral Richard Byrd 

Founded in 1928, The Allpax Company, Inc. of Mamaroneck, NY was originally a manufacturer of rubber galoshes and raingear. With a reputation for ruggedness and durability, Allpax equipment was issued to Admiral Richard Byrd for his famous 1928 – 1930 Antarctic Expedition. Later, experience with these rubber products led Allpax to opportunities within the gasket material market. In 1990 Allpax Gasket Cutter Products, Inc. (AGCP) was formed to develop and manufacture a proprietary line of gasket cutters.

Original Factory in Mamaroneck, NY Circa 1930

1999 Guardair Corporation acquired certain assets of AGCP and began manufacturing in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Here, organized as the Allpax Gasket Cutter System Division, extension-style gasket cutter kits, hollow punch tools, and a complete line of replacement parts are produced.

In 2012, certain assets of Allen Gasket Cutting Machine Company of New Bedford, MA were acquired, thereby adding rotary-style gasket cutters to the Allpax product line. Today, the Allpax Division has grown to become the largest manufacturer of gasket cutters and accessories in the world. Allpax products are sold through our national and international network of over 1,200 industrial MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) dealers and distributors.

We are happy to represent this fine company because our customers have been very pleased with the durable cutting tools, punches, and packing tools we offer from Guardair / Allpax. We’ve heard comments back that their tools last a long time, are strong enough for tough jobs, and have gotten them out of a lot of jams by being enabling them to cut custom gaskets on their own time, in their own space. Sudden leaks never seem to happen at a convenient time, but with an Allpax gasket-cutting kit nearby, leaks can be sealed without missing a beat.

Allpax packing tools are also popular because of their strength and design that allows removing old compression packing much easier. Then once the old packing is all removed, we offer the Garco brand guillotine-style packing cutters to make the cutting of new packing rings easier.

Please see our “Tools” section. We have the entire line of extension-style and rotary-style cutters described in detail, along with other sealing-related tools and kits.

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