Because of the high pressures that are involved in hydraulic systems, it is imperative that the correct hydraulic hose and hydraulic hose fittings are employed.  Safety and proper functioning are our highest concern.

We use a trusted series of determining criteria that is known as “STAMPED”  in the industry.  

S – Size ( ID, OD, Length )

T – Temperature ( Internal & External )

A – Application ( Current hose being used )

M – Material ( Conveyed through tube & External )

P – Pressure ( Working, Vacuum )

E – Ends ( Fittings, Custom Ends )

D – Delivery 

So if you find yourself needing to replace a hydraulic hose assembly, find your way to Allied Packing and Rubber in Long Beach and we will take it from there.  If you can’t come to our warehouse with your sample, give us a call at 562-435-2411 or email us at with your specifics and we will get to work matching your hydraulic hose assemblies