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What Is Garlock?

Making some of the industry’s best-known gaskets and full gasket material sheets, Garlock Sealing Technologies is a leader in sealant products. Both Garlock gaskets and sheets are known for their durability, longevity, and useability in a wide range of projects. Garlock’s various compressed fiber materials are made from the High-Pressure Sheet (HPS) manufacturing process, proven to produce.  

Garlock also uses a proprietary non-VOC solvent that is more environmentally friendly than competing producers. So, if you’re thinking Garlock might be the best solution for your gasket or sheet needs and are interested in learning more about Garlock gaskets, continue reading and check out this link here.

Benefits of Garlock Products

Garlock has been an industry leader for decades, providing effective sealing solutions for all different industries, including:


- Chemical processing

- Machine-building

- Power plants

- Supply facilities


Amongst the many advantages of opting for Garlock products, when you purchase Garlock, you can look forward to:

High Efficiency

Media losses are reduced in Garlock gaskets thanks to the overall tightness and longevity of the gaskets. As a result, service and maintenance costs are minimal when using Garlock gaskets.

Advanced Sealability

One of the many unique features of Garlock products is the immediate tightness upon sealing and the strength of the seal over time.

Media Resistance

Garlock products have excellent media resistance, helping to prevent them from impairment due to physical properties like caustics or acids.

Anti-Corrosive Materials

Garlock products are known for being anti-corrosive. Rest easy knowing there will be no corrosion of the sealing surfaces of any of their products.

Unique Flexibility

Garlock gaskets compensate for unevenness or damage in the sealing surfaces even at low loads.

Quality Products

Garlock can maintain its high levels of quality in its products through a series of controls on crucial production process steps.

Pressure Resistance

You’ll never have to worry about the integrity of Garlock products, as they always perform well under high pressure.

Environmentally Friendly

Garlock does its part to give back by continuously improving its operations to be more environmentally friendly. Additionally, using an environmentally friendly solvent in its fiber sheets makes Garlock an industry leader. 

Why Choose Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc.

Here at Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc., we are the best certified Garlock dealer Washington State offers. We provide both pre-cut and fill material Garlock gasket sheets.

Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the gasket and packing business. In addition to our variety of Garlock gaskets, at Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc., we offer other gasket and gasket sheet options. From pre-made to custom gaskets, we are here to find the solution that will fit your needs. 


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