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Style 5888 Compression Packing

Garlock Style 5888 is LATTICE BRAID® construction with a dimensionally stable, firm, high-density PTFE continuous filament. This PTFE dispersion prevents leakage throughout the braid, providing a low friction finish.


With minimal water absorption and completely asbestos-free, this compression packing is high in quality and consistently uniform throughout.


Garlock Style 5888 Compression Packing is dimensionally stable but is most useful in valve and slower shaft speed applications.


Applications of this compression packing are often found in:

 - Safety injection system valves

 - Plungers

 - Rams

 - Reciprocating rods

 - Check and needle valve stems


Garlock Style 5888 Compression Packing is compatible with 0-14 range and is resistant to all chemicals (but molten uranium salts). This compression packing is often found in the following:

 - Food processing

 - Chemical

 - Agricultural

 - Petroleum processing


You can pick up Garlock Style 5888 Compression Packing in thicknesses ranging from 1/8" to 1”.

 - Min temp: -450°F
 - Max temp: 500°F
 - Pressure - rotary centrifugal: 300 PSI
 - Shaft speed fpm max: 1000

What Is Garlock?

Garlock Sealing Technologies is an industry leader responsible for making some of the best-known packing materials on the market. Garlock products are known for their durability, longevity, and useability in various projects. Proven to produce, Garlock’s different compressed fiber materials are made from the High-Pressure Sheet (HPS) manufacturing process.  

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