Some Garlock Gaskets are made of a compressed non-asbestos gasket sheet of aramid fibers and high temperature fillers with a neoprene (CR) binder. Garlock gaskets are one of the best types of gaskets because of their durability, lifespan, and useability for different types of projects. Here at Allied Packing and Rubber, we are a certified Garlock Gasket distributor of pre-cut gaskets and fill gasket material sheets. 


There are different types of Garlock Gaskets that we offer, and each are designed for specific services. Most Garlock Gaskets can be put into two categories, Garlock BLUE-GARD and Garlock GYLON. 


Garlock BLUE-GARD is a compressed, non asbestos gasketing line that offers a variety of elastomers that excel in a wide range of services. Blue-Gard offers excellent sealability, and improved torque retention and drastically lowered emission levels.


Blue-Gard can be used for/ is compatible with the following : 

  • Water
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Oils
  • Gasoline




Garlock Gylon Is a family of flat PTFE gasketing materials. It is manufactured using a proprietary process that imparts unique physical properties, which are not obtainable through conventional manufacturing methods.


Some of the Characteristics are: 

- Color coded for easy identification 

- Superior sealability 

- Patented thermal bonding process to fabricate virtually any size gasket 

- Tighter seal 

- Excellent bolt torque retention


Services Designed For: 

- Water 

- Refrigerants 

- Solvents 

- Potable drinking water 

- Moderate acids

- Chlorine 

- Cryogenics 

- Gas lined equipment 


These two types of Garlock Gaskets are the most common, but we offer other types as well. From pre-made to custom gaskets, we are here to find the solution that will fit your needs. Contact Allied Packing and Rubber today.


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