Used in various applications across multiple industrial sectors, rubber sheeting is preferred due to its ease of use. Rubber sheets are also known for their efficiency as an insulator.  At Allied Packing and Rubber, we have the best rubber sheeting Orange County has to offer. 

Why Choose Rubber Sheeting

A numerical value indicating the resistance to indentation is known as a durometer. Rubber sheeting is available in many different durometers, making it perfect for applications where sealing or protection is needed.

Many industries opt for rubber sheeting in applications because it can be a very cost-effective material to use. 

Types of Rubber Sheeting

Rubber sheeting is available in various styles and specifications, which can be cut to suit any specific application. The significant differences in their production divide them into the following types: 

Silicone Rubber Sheets

A synthetic rubber used to make gaskets is silicone, which can withstand 200°C, and is chemically inert. Silicone rubber sheets are superior in the food processing industry. 

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber Sheets

EPDM is an elastomer used in applications dealing with automotive brake fluids, weak alkalis, and acids. EPDM is the most effective rubber used outdoors, with high resistance to sunlight and ozone.

Viton Sheets 

Viton sheets are high-performance fluoroelastomers, a synthetic rubber sheet that performs well in hot and corrosive environments with a -20°F to 400°F temperature rating. Viton sheets are resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids, mineral acids, lubricants, fuels, and oils. It also has excellent resistance to fungus and mold.

Buna-Nitrile Rubber Sheets

Buna-Nitrile rubber sheets are the standard in hydraulic and pneumatic sealing elastomers. Its oil-resistant nature makes it the top choice of materials being used with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. Buna-N has good resistance to compression set, high tensile strength, and abrasion resistance.

Neoprene Rubber Sheets

Neoprene rubber sheets are made from synthetic rubber. Neoprene is created by polymerizing 2-chlor-1, 3-butadiene. Neoprene is resistant to ozone, oxygen, freon, and ammonia, amongst many other fluids. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber used to make gaskets commonly used for exposed environment applications. 

Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc. for Your Rubber Sheeting

Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc. has the best rubber sheeting Orange County has to offer. Our extensive inventory has a wide range of sheeting material options perfect for any job.

When it comes to sheets and stripping, we’re the experts with over 50 years of experience in the business. We offer countless sheeting options from custom to pre-made at Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc. It’s our goal to provide you with a solution sure to fit your needs. 

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