Allied Packing & Rubber has provided southern California with the highest quality fluid sealing and hose products for over half a century. One of the many solutions that we currently carry include U.L. label fire hoses.

Take a look at the U.L. label fire hose now offered by Allied Packing & Rubber.


The Poly-300-S™ is a single jacket fire hose with brass U.L. fittings. This American-made fire hose has a 100% polyester jack from a high-grade single-ply extruded EPDM rubber lining.


- Coast Guard approved for use on watercraft
- U.L. labeled
- Designed for emergency fire protection
- Immune to the effects of mildew


- Optional colors available
- Made in the USA
- Ultra-Shield option available

Other Hoses From Allied Packing & Rubber

At Allied Packing & Rubber, we offer nearly every type of marine and industrial hoses on the market, including, but not limited to:


- Golf course maintenance hoses

- Marine hardwall exhaust hoses
- Marine softwall exhaust hoses
- Rubber dock hoses
- Braided metal hoses
- Metal wire composite hoses
- Deck hoses
- Hydraulic hose assemblies
- Many more!

Please contact our skilled sales technicians for more information on the hoses listed above or any hoses you do not see listed, and they will be happy to find the perfect hose for your unique application.

About Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc.

At Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc., we provide the highest quality fluid sealing and hosing products. We provide a wide range of products, including U.L. label fire hoses.

Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the gasket and packing business. In addition to our variety of Garlock gaskets, at Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc., we offer other gasket and gasket sheet options as well. From pre-made to custom gaskets, we are here to find the solution that will fit your needs. 

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