Choosing the right gasket material is somewhat of an overlooked decision. Too often, the gasket materials are not reviewed until there’s a problem, and when it reaches that point, it can be too late to fix. The purpose of a gasket is to seal a liquid or gas throughout the life of an application. Choosing the wrong gasket material can be quite a costly mistake. 

There are a few things you must consider when choosing a gasket material. 

Temperature. This is one of the primary things you will need to consider when choosing a gasket material, as the temperature can alter the characteristics of a material. 

Exposure. Consider what type of media the gasket will be exposed to. After you’ve found a material with an acceptable temperature range, you want to make sure that it can seal whatever substance it’s being exposed to. For example, liquid is easier to seal than gas, so you want to ensure your material is compatible with the substance. 

Best Gasket Materials  

Special Compressed non-asbestos sheets. Designed to handle extreme temperatures and pressure. 

Graphite sheets have excellent sealability that meets stringent emission regulations. It can also withstand high temperatures and pressure. 

If you want to choose from the best in gasket materials, Allied Packing & Rubber is the best choice. 

When you need a manual cutter that can help you cut gaskets with speed and precision, Allpax is the best choice. 

Our rotary gasket cutters come in a heavy duty cast iron frame, and are equipped with heat-treated tool steel and cutting disks. Rotary cutters need to be mounted, and are ideally used in a fixed location, such as a shop. 

The Allpax AX7001 is a manual rotary cutter that primarily designed for metallic materials such as soft steel, copper, zinc, and brass. 

The Allpax AX7000 is a manual rotary cutter that’s designed for non-metallic materials such as cork, fiber, and rubber. 

Our extension-style gasket cutters feature a cutter block with an adjustable cutting blade and modular extension bars. These extension kits are great because they’re portable, offer accurate cutting, and can be used just as easily as rotary gasket cutters. If portability is key, extension-style cutters should be your first option. 

For over 70 years, Allpax has been a preferred manufacturer of gasket cutters. Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc. carries a variety of Allpax cutters for different applications. We carry products that are able to cut accurate flange and ring gaskets, and many of our Allpax products are built to handle both metallic and non-metallic materials. 

When you need fast, quality work, Allpax is the clear choice. With our range of Allpax gasket cutters you can cut quickly and accurately. 

With a variety of products, you can cut any type of gasket material imaginable. Cut metallic gasket materials such as soft steel, copper, zinc, and brass; cut non-metallic materials such as cork, fiber, and rubber. 

Allpax is a brand that has been trusted for generations. As the world’s largest global manufacturer of gasket cutters, you can be confident that Allpax will help you get the job done— every time. 

If you come in to Allied Packing and Rubber, Inc. with a tricky sealing situation, we may just tell you to put a cork in it. But we don't mean that in a bad way! Cork is actually an excellent option for sealing uneven surfaces because it is able to fill in imperfections and distortions. A good seal must offer good thermal, chemical, and mechanical resistance. This seal is achieved with the unique properties of cork that are used for the high-performance automobile industry and many other industries.

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Compression packing is used to lubricate moving parts in machinery. It is typically made of braided fibers that contain lubrication such as waxes and greases. The shape of the braided packing is often a square cross section. Square-shaped packing works well in situations where the equipment is worn and requires good expansion on the packing to create a proper seal. Loosely braided square-shaped packing works well in those situations because when it is compressed it expands better overall than more tightly-braided shapes and, therefore, creates a better seal under pressure in older, loose tolerance equipment.

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Gasket Cutters and Other Tools at Allied Packing

Most of our customers know us as the “gasket cutters”, but they may not know that we also carry gasket cutters. These complete gasket-cutting kits make gasket-cutting on the spot quick and easy. Allied Packing and Rubber is a proud distributor of the Guardair / Allpax / Allen gasket-cutting tool line. The Allpax Company has a long, respected history in the manufacturing of quality gasket-making products. Here is a little more information on them:

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Servicing Ships and Ship Suppliers with the use of IMPA and ISSA Codes


Joint Sheeting / Gasket Sheeting / Compression Packing

Allied Packing and Rubber, Inc has been a proud supplier of fluid sealing products such as joint sheets and compression packing to ships and ship chandlers for many, many decades. 

Because our ship chandler customers are supplying ships that come into Port from all over the world, it is imperative that they utilize a standardized product identification coding system so that language barriers don't cause ordering problems. 

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Rubber Stripping

We've all seen the weather stripping offerings at the hardware stores.  They are often self-adhesive and work quite well.  There is only one problem.  If the space you need to seal isn't the exact size they stock, you have no other choices.  You sit there staring at it thinking, how could I make my door groove the size of this stripping?  At Allied Packing and Rubber we find out the groove dimensions and then cut the rubber stripping to the size of your door or window, which makes a lot more sense.   Along with custom-cutting to your dimensions, we take the service of the rubber stripping into consideration and offer several types of rubber that each have different strengths, tolerances and price points.  

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Corrugated Matting

Allied Packing and Rubber is a supplier of corrugated matting in Long Beach, CA.  The matting we offer is a blend of SBR and natural rubber that creates a tough, long-lasting matting product.

The ribbing is wide and shaped like a “V” to allow for easy cleaning.

It can be hosed off, vacuumed, swept, or wet mopped.  It is very durable and resistant to some oils, acids, alkalies, and heat aging abrasion.

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