Vegetable Fiber Sheet

Fibreflex Detroiter Vegetable Fiber sheet with chemically treated plant fibers.(Brown Sheet).

An insoluble, impregnated, strong and flexible high-grade sheet that is strong but compressible, can resist heavy pressure, and meets all USA federal, military, S.A.E and A.S.T.M. Specifications.  This sheeting is efficiently saturated with a glue-glycerine impregnant and is rendered insoluble by means of a tanning agent (formaldehyde) to create an all-proof packing with properties retained during proper storage and in use.



Material most commonly used for cargo gaskets (disposable gaskets with tabs for easy installation and removal) 

Great for gasoline flange connections on trucks, tractors, RV's and industrial motors.  Also perfect for industrial pump, pipe, tank, gear and flange joints 

 For use in industrial, alcohol distilleries, shipyards, chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and automotive industries 


Compatible With: 

  • Water 
  •  Oils
  •  Coal Tar
  • Alcohol
  • Grease
  • Air
  • Gasoline
  • Solvents



Vegetable Fiber Sheets are available in these thicknesses:


.015” (1/64”)






Note: Contact our sales team for sheet widths and lengths.  Our vegetable fiber is also sold by the roll.



Max Temp


Tensile Strength

2000 PSI


ASTM F104 Line Call out:   



Also certified to meet the following specifications:

MIL-G-12803A – ID# P3313B, MIL-G-12803B – ID# F326128M6, MIL-G-12803C - ID# F326128M6, ASTM D 1170 – ID# P3313B, SAE J90 - ID# P3313B ( F326128-E21-M6), Underwriters' Laboratory Listing #MH 4649 (763N)



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