ContiTech Ortac Hose


ContiTech Ortac (Oil-Resistant Tube and Cover) Hose.



Tube: Nitrile synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (High Oil Resistance)

Cover: Red or Yellow Carbryn® synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (High Oil Resistance)

Reinforcement: Spiral synthetic yarn, 2" is braided



  • Transferring liquids and air
  • Non-conductive, minimum electrical resistance greater than one (1) megohm per inch of hose length; at 1000 Volts DC. 
  • Ortac 400 Yellow is USMSHA approved


Compatible With: 

  • Water
  • Air
  • Light Chemicals
  • Oil
  • Kerosene




ContiTech Ortac Hose comes in these sizes:

 Ortac 250# :   1/4” ID to 2” ID 

  Ortac 400# :    1/4” ID to 1” ID

Ortac 300# :    3/16” ID to 1-1/2” ID

Bulk hose and cut lengths are available with your choice of end connectors (couplings).





Min Temp

-20° F

Max Temp

190° F

Available Working Pressures

250# , 300# & 400#



ContiTech Ortac Hose Resource Page


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