Cloth-Inserted Neoprene Sheet (Black Sheet)

Cloth-Inserted Neoprene Sheet (Black Sheet).

A synthetic elastomer sheet with fabric 

reinforcement for added stability and reduced gasket creep.


  • Resilience to weather ozone, natural aging, and to alkalis and acids. Good resistance to abrasion, and flex cracking. Moderate oil resistance.
  • A flexible membrane with low permeability to fluids or gases.
  • Capable of permitting relative motion between a stationary and a moving member while maintaining a separation of the two media on either side and may maintain a pressure differential between the two media
  • Often mechanically fastened for weather stripping
  • Maximizes conformity / resists deformation


Compatible With:

  • Water
  • Moderate Oil
  • Alkalies
  • Acids
  • Ozone 



Cloth-Inserted Neoprene Sheet Rubber comes in rolls in these widths and thicknesses.  We cut these into the desired sheet or strip sizes.


1/32” X 48”

1/32” X 36”

1/16” X 48”

1/16” X 36”

3/32” X 48”

3/32” X 36”

1/8”   X 48”

1/8”   X 36”

3/16” X 48”

3/16” X 36”

1/4”   X 48”

1/4” X 36”


Note: Other thicknesses and sheet sizes may be available by special order.




Lowest Working Temp

-20° F

Highest Working Temp

212° F

Tensile Strength

1400 Min.





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The durometer scale was defined by Albert Shore in the 1920's.
He developed a device that could measure the hardness (resistance to permanent indentation) of a material.

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