Allpax AX2000 Compact Gasket Cutter Kit


Compact kits feature a phenolic cutter block with multiple blade styles. Cuts up to 6″ (152mm) in diameter. Includes metal storage case.


Cuts 1/4” (6mm) I.D. Gaskets to 6” (152mm) O.D. Gaskets

  • Phenolic cutter block
  • Pointed, Curved, Lathe-Type and Rounded Tip cutting blades
  • Durable, metal storage caser
  • Made in USA


Dimensions: 6.94” X 3.38” X 1.69”

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Light Duty Gasket Cutter Kit Contents

ProductAX2000AX2010Replacement Part
Pointed Blades116
Curved Blades116
Lathe-type Blades116
Rounded Tip Blades116
Short Center Pins116
Medium Center Pins116
Long Center Pins116
6″ Cutting Board Center Pin Ferrule installed011
Pivot Post Assembly111