Allpax AX7000 – Allen M3 Rotary-Style Gasket Cutter


M3 Rotary-Style Gasket Cutter able to cut accurate flange and ring gaskets. Designed primarily for non-metallic gasket materials such as cork, fiber, and rubber, up to ¼” thick. Cuts gaskets with a face (flange) width of ¼” to 7″; from 2″ I.D. to 22″ O.D. Accessory scale bars (not included) extend cutting range from 22″ I.D. to 42″ O.D., or 42″ I.D. to 62″ O.D.  Mounts on a vise or clamps to a piece of angle iron.


Cuts 2” I.D. Gaskets to 22” O.D. Gaskets (extensions available to cut up to 62” O.D.)

  • Heavy-duty, cast iron frame with 7″ throat
  • Precision steel components
  • Crank operated
  • Durable, heat-treated tool steel, rotary cutting discs
  • Made in USA


Dimensions: 16” X 10” X 4.25”

Weight: 15 lbs

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