American Braiding Style 3000G Compression / Braided Packing


Braided from continuous Acrylic blended fiber, Style 3000G is impregnated with a proprietary high temperature lubricant, and pre and post lubricated with high purity graphite flake.


  • A unique lubrication process insures a dense but flexible general service packing, which can be used in most steam, water, salt water, oil, and mild acid or alkali applications.

Compatible With:

  • Steam
  • Brine
  • Oil
  • Mild acids
  • Alkalies
  • 4-10 PH level


Construction: Interlock Braid

Temperature Rating: 500º F / 260ºC

pH Rating: 4 – 10

Shaft Speed Rating: 1500 FPM / 8 MPS

Pressure Rating: 300 PSI / 20 BAR