Garlock Style 127-AFP Valve Packing


An excellent valve stem packing of wire-reinforced carbon yarn braided over a resiliant core with graphite and zinc finish for use in high temperature and pressure steam service.


  • The construction features an outer jacket of wire-reinforced carbon yarn over a resilient core, allowing increased service life.
  • The unique construction of the outer jacket encapsulates the Inconel* alloy wire reinforcement in the carbon yarn.
  • There is no wire in contact with the stem; therefore, stem wear is virtually nonexistent

Compatible With:

  • 1-12 PH Range
  • Certifiable to less than 200 ppm leachable chlorides


Garlock Style 127-AFP packing is available in thicknesses from 1/8″ to 1″


Max Temp in steam 1200ºF

Max Pressure at 1200ºF is 1200 PSI