American Braiding Style 3000T Compression / Braided Packing


Braided from continuous Acrylic blended fiber, Style 3000T is impregnated with PTFE and a proprietary inert lubricant.


  • Style 3000T packing is a non-staining and non-contaminating packing with excellent heat dissipation properties.
  • A durable and resilient packing for general service applications such as centrifugal, rotary, and reciprocating pumps, as well as valve service.
  • A proprietary lubricant is used for extremely low friction at startup and during operation.

Compatible With:

  • Steam
  • Water
  • Solvents, oils, mild acids and alkalies
  • A broad range of other chemicals
  • 0-12 PH level


Construction: Interlock Braid

Temperature Rating: 500º F / 260ºC

pH Rating: 0 – 12

Shaft Speed Rating: 2500 FPM / 12 MPS

Pressure Rating: 500 PSI / 34 BAR