Garlock Style 5888 Compression Packing


Garlock Style 5888 is LATTICE BRAID® construction with dimensionally stable, firm, high-density PTFE continuous filament. 


  • Dimensionally stable; however is most useful in valve and slower shaft speed applications
  • Its PTFE dispersion provides a low friction finish and prevents leakage throughout the braid.
  • Completely asbestos-free, with very little water absorption, this packing is often used in check and needle valve stems, reciprocating rods, rams, and plungers, and safety injection system valves.
  • High in quality and consistently uniform
  • Used extensively in the food processing, chemical, agricultural and petroleum processing industries

Compatible With:

  • 0-14 PH Range
  • Resistant to all chemicals but molten uranium salts


Garlock Style 5888 packing is available in thicknesses from 1/8” to 1”


Min Temp-450°F
Max Temp500°F
Pressure – Rotary Centrifugal300 PSI
Shaft Speed fpm Max1000


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