Leader 978C Black Gold Sheet

A dense, high strength, chemical resistant gasket sheet with a special, high temperature, anti-stick parting agent applied to both sides.


Leader 978-C BLACK GOLD Compressed Non-Asbestos gasket sheet of aramid/inorganic fibers with a nitrile binder. (Black Sheet)


  • High strength and excellent resistance to hot creep and broad chemical resistance
  • Ideal high performance gasket material
  • Suitable for gasketing in piping, machinery, equipment containing water, steam, petroleum based liquids, gases and mild acids or alkalines.
  • Excellent Sealability

Compatible With:

  • Water
  • Petroleum based liquids
  • Steam
  • Gases
  • Mild acids and alkalines
  • Most solvents excluding MEK and high aromatics
  • Ethylene glycol coolants and silicone fluids


Leader 978-C Gasket Sheets are available in these sizes:

1/64”X 60”X 60”
1/64”X 60”X 120”
1/32”X 60”X 60”
1/32”X 60”X 120”
1/16”X 60”X 60”
1/16”X 60”X 120”
3/32”X 60”X 60”
3/32”X 60”X 120”
1/8”X 60”X 60”
1/8”X 60”X 120”

Note: Other thicknesses and sheet sizes may be available by special order.


Max Peak Temp700°F
Max Continuous Temp400°F
Maximum PXT500,000 (1/16”)
Max Operating Pressure1,000 PSI

ASTM F104 Line Call Out:


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