Thermoseal Klingersil C-4500 Compressed Non-Asbestos gasket sheet is manufactured with carbon fibers and special heat-resistant additives and reinforced with a nitrile binder. (Bl

KLINGERSIL C-4500 is a premium grade, high-pressure gasket material designed for use in high-temperature alkaline media and superheated steam. C-4500 is a superior performance material suitable in the pulp and paper industry and the chemical industry.




KLINGERSIL C-4500 Gasket Sheets are available in these sizes:

1/64”X 60”X 60”
1/32”X 60”X 60”
1/16”X 60”X 60”
3/32”X 60”X 60”
1/8”X 60”X 60”

Note: Other thicknesses and sheet sizes may be available by special order.

Specifications (for 1/16” thick sheet):

Max Peak Temp with Liquids850°F*
Max Operating Pressure with Liquids1,900 PSI*
Max Operating Pressure with Gases & Steam1,900 PSI*

*under suitable conditions

ASTM F104 Line Call Out: