Garlock 3750 (Red Sheet)

A compressed non-asbestos gasket sheet of aramid fibers and a proprietary rubber binder that reacts with oil to create a tight seal.


Garlock LEAK-GARD Gasketing provides a tight seal in oil applications. Proprietary compound reacts with oil to create a tight, long-lasting seal without gasket degradation. LEAK-GARD gasketing is am improvement over traditional gaskets as it provides no loss of compressive load over time, no degradation of gasket in oil service, and no weepage as with vegetable fiber or cork gaskets. Garlock LEAK-GARD Gasketing actually increases bolt load and blot retention and compensates for low-load areas. LEAK-GARD Gasketing stops leakage in transformers, turbines, gearboxes, generators, and fuel pumps.


  • Tight seal in oil applications
  • Proprietary compound reacts with oil to create tight seal without gasket degradation
  • Actually increases bolt load and bolt load retention; compensates for low-load areas
  • Versatile – Stops leakage in:- Transformers- Turbines- Gear boxes- Generators- Fuel Pumps

Compatible With:

  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Oils
  • Gasoline


Garlock Compressed Non-Asbestos Gasket Sheets are available in these sizes:

1/64”X 60”X 60”
1/64”X 60”X 120”
1/32”X 60”X 60”
1/32”X 60”X 120”
1/16”X 60”X 60”
1/16”X 60”X 120”
3/32”X 60”X 60”
3/32”X 60”X 120”
1/8”X 60”X 60”
1/8”X 60”X 120”

Note: Other thicknesses and sheet sizes may be available by special order.


Min. Temp-100°F
Max Temp400°F
Max Pressure1,200 PSI
Max PXT 1/16”350,000 (°F X PSIG)
Max PXT 1/8”250,000 (°F X PSIG)

ASTM F104 Line Call Out: