Plain Graphite Sheet

Plain flexible graphite sheet of compressed high purity exfoliated mineral graphite with no binders or fillers.


A graphite gasket sheet that excels in extreme conditions, withstanding heat, pressure and aggressive chemicals.


  • Seals easily under moderate bolt load
  • Offers superior torque retention
  • Proven fire-safe

Compatible With:

  • Oil
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Multiple other fluids


Plain Graphite Gasket Sheets are available in these sizes:

1/32”X 39”X 39”
1/32”X 60”X 60”
1/16”X 39”X 39”
1/16”X 60”X 60”
3/32”X 39”X 39”
3/32”X 60”X 60”
1/8”X 39”X 39”
1/8”X 60”X 60”

Note: Other thicknesses and sheet sizes may be available by special order.


Min. Temp-400°F
Max Temp850° F
Max Pressure2,000 PSI
Max PXT 1/16”700000
Max PXT 1/8”350000


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