Red Rubber Sheet (Red Sheet)

Red Rubber SBR Styrene-Butadine Sheet – 70/75 Durometer.


A red rubber gasket sheet that is excellent for general purpose gaskets for air, hot and cold water and exterior service.


  • Excellent impact strength
  • Very good resilience
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Flexibility in low temperatures
  • Ideal for: basic gaskets, washers,hose, skirtboard, scrapers, and
  • Protective coverings

Compatible With:

  • Hot Water
  • Cold Water
  • Air
  • Exterior Service


Red Sheet Rubber comes in rolls in these widths and thicknesses.  We cut these into the desired sheet or strip sizes.

1/32” X 36”1/32” X 48”
1/16” X 36”1/16” X 48”
3/32” X 36”3/32” X 48”
1/8”   X 36”1/8”   X 48”
3/16” X 36”3/16” X 48”
1/4” X 36”1/4”   X 48”

Note: Other thicknesses and sheet sizes may be available by special order.


Lowest Working Temp-20° F
Highest Working Temp180° F
Tensile Strength600 PSI
Elongation100 min